This page is for the landowner who craves the outdoors. Love's managing their property and going hunting.

Welcome to my page. My goal with this page is to help today's landowner/hunter  achieve their goals by educating and presenting new ideas as well as time proven methods to achieve such goals.  Todays world of whitetail hunting has become a very high stressed, competitive and at times frustrating addiction. Gone are the days for the most part of deer drives and hunting the neighbors freely. Hunting shows, celebrities, and add sponsorship have flooded the hunting market. A lot of incorrect information, quick fixs, and miracle products in a bag are the result. I have been hunting since I was 12, 41 years ago. I've seen the transformation of what deer hunting was and now is.  Deer drives were common place growing up with family, neighbors and friends. Lot lines and borders were seldom an issue. Today private land is just that, private, and you best not trespass.  Most small acreage's are  basically all hunting the same deer. The feeling of that buck is mine because I have it on my trail cam has quickly become the normal basis of thought for the most part. The realization that deer travel quite a bit, especially at night  and the odds of them returning can and will be determined by what you do or don't do to your property. Understanding that the most important time to have the deer on your property is during daylight hours is key. Creating your property so it's strongest when everyone else's is weakest, October-March is essential.  I have been managing property for over 20 years and currently manage several. There are no quick fix's. Time, hard work, and patience are key. Creating a plan over time and executing it so it works to your advantage is vital. Being able to adapt, set boundaries and be realistic about goals is a must. I have tried to list and cover most aspect's for land management on here from the time you start looking for property to purchase until your first sit in a stand. Educating yourself and keeping an open mind are your two greatest tools.  Feel free to shoot an email if you have questions. Remember: What your property becomes is only limited to what you do or don't do to it.

Good Luck!!!